1st Edition Alcoholics Anonymous “Study Big Book”

AA Big Book
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The 1st Edition Alcoholics Anonymous “Study Big Book” is the first edition Alcoholics Anonymous book with added study notes, notations, comments and other facts.  I started on this project several years ago, but could not get enough money together to publish the work.  The work is not completed and is in reality a work in progress.  Your comments and suggestions are appreciated and will be considered.

There is a password on the files that you mustg email me to get.  The reason you need to email me for the password has to do with the legal rights to publish the first edition Alcoholics Anonymous.  The first edition of the material is in the public domain in the United States, but may not be true of other nations.  To gain access to the files you need to be in the United States.

If you are in the United States email me and I will send you the password to access these files.

As far as use if you put the cursor over the selection above named “1st Edition Alcoholics Anonymous ‘Study Big Book'” and you will see the name of each of the chapters (the ones that have been completed so far).  CLick on the selected chapter and on that page you will be instructed to enter the password. 

Each chapter has it’s own page and if you scroll down you can go through all of the materials for that chapter.  If the pages are too small to read you can look at each page by clicking on it.  When the page opens click on it again to zoom in.  When you are finished click the back button/arrow to go back to the entire chapter.

A note to keep in mind:  Sometimes (depending on internet speed and computer speed) it may take a while for the images to open.  If you wait you will find that they open after a minute or two.

I hope this work is helpful to many and informative to all.

Wade H.

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